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Big Rok Angus got its start in 1989, purchasing a handful of Angus cows. Two years later in 1991, we purchased better cows, cows from VDAR in Montana. These four cows and subsequent purchases of donor cows and select embryos are the basis of our present day herd of 200+ cows.

Every breeding decision we make is to produce a calf that is better than its mother. We believe that by constantly breeding for strong maternal traits we will produce cattle that will excel in every aspect of the beef industry.

We have proven that our maternal bred genetics will feed, yield, and grade better than the industry standards-and by a very large margin, Our program is very basic, producing extremely fertile and highly maternal cows. Our cows are expected to breed every year, raise a big calf, and do it all trouble free. We expect this cow to do all this in our harsh Minnesota winters. She must raise her calf, maintain body mass and weight in various extreme weather conditions.

Summer calving has enabled us to feed our bulls at a slower rate. They are never pushed. As a result, we can sell a bull that is more sound and will breed cows successfully the first year and for many years to follow.

The mission for us at Big Rok Angus is to raise bulls that will produce great maternal traits. Therefore, raising great calves for our customers. We strive to provide excellent customer service, reliable genetics, and the loyalty we have with our customers.

We would love to show you our cow herd and discuss our breeding philosophy with you. Feel free to call or email us at your convenience.

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2024 Performance Tested
Bull & Select Female Sale

February 10, 2024 • 1 PM (CST)
at the ranch Detroit Lakes, MN

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